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In order to keep our club operating throughout the year, your dues help to cover various operating costs such as website fees, insurance/bonding, taxes/accounting fees, marketing, operating expenses, etc.

Pay your dues of $50 for a full year membership, or $25 for a half year membership (after 1 January). We provide several ways that you can pay your dues including:

  • Bring a check with you to the next event! (made out to "Scott Spouses' Club")

  • Mail it to us (via cash or check) to: Scott Spouses Club, P.O. Box 25037, Scott AFB, IL 62225

  • Pay online below via Square

  • Membership for the 2024-2025 Board year will begin June 1st, 2024

June 2024-June 2025

Full-year Membership


Angel Fund* Donation

* The Angel Fund assists members in financial need with paying their dues.  Please e-mail for further information.  

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